Version 1.07 (files changed: index.php, install.php, install/populate_db.php, install/phpBible_av.dat, show_lex_entry.php, show_lex_entry2.php, admin/admin.php, admin/set_confing.php, install/populate_db.php, install/populate_db2.php)
[Database will need to be reloaded with this upgrade.]

Changes show to shew to correct error in text
Fixed global variables bug

Version 1.06 (files changed: index.php, install/populate_db.php, install/phpBible_av.dat)
[Database will need to be reloaded with this upgrade.]

Fixed italics error in 1 John 2
Fixed Gospels and Minor Prophets labeling error
Fixed URL error for pages after first search page
Fixed double colons in 1st Peter 2:13-15
Fixed bracket error in Psalm 37)
Made title match site
Change LORD to LORD
Same with GOD
Same with JEHOVAH
Same with Daniel 5:25-28

Version 1.05 (files changed: index.php, template_main.htm, install/populate_db.php, install/phpBible_av.dat)

Fixed missing first word in verse on word search.
Made minor modification display of main template.
Fixed error that seems to creep into data file (magically appearing line breaks)
Added "url for this page is ..." feature
Fixed bug with book name being highlighted in verse display.
Fixed bug with 'Hebrew 13:8' not working (it should be Hebrews, but Hebrew is a predictable misspelling. This requires refreshing the database)
Fixed bug with '1Timothy 1' (no space between the '1' and 'Timothy'. A predictable misspelling). This and the previous "bug" are really efforts to make the script more intuitive.
Added extra page links at the bottom of results
Corrected error of 'next 20>' when there really were less than 20. (Thanx to my son Samuel for pointing out this and the previous one)

Version 1.04 (files changed: index.php, install/populate_db.php)

Fixed error in  2nd Kings 18:20 comma placement
Fixed problem with roman numerals in book names not accepted.
Fixed problem with spaces in book reference causing errors
Fixed problem with Psalm being displayed Psalms in form field
Fixed error with period in abbreviated book name causing problem
Fixed JavaScript error when no result
Fixed error with word search for short words (i, a, me, etc.)
Fixed error in length of Revelation 22

Version 1.03 (files changed: index.php, show_lex_entry.php, show_lex2_entry.php, _template_main.htm, install/phpBible_av.dat, install/populate_db.php)
[Database will need to be reloaded with this upgrade.]

Corrected error in processing unused words.
(Oops, the entire book of Genesis not referenced [blush]) Corrected
Created links to entire chapter/next chapter/previous chapter
Corrected italics errors in Psalms
Corrected problem with  non IE browsers not allowing Strong's number search.

Version 1.02 (files changed: index.php, populate_db.php, phpBible_av.dat -- will require reinstallation of database tables)

Corrected results highlighting
Corrected Revelation not displaying
Corrected italics error in Psalm 18:1

Version 1.01

Made NS, Mozilla and Opera compatible
Most keywords and phrases highlighted
Delimiter showing fixed (>>phpBible>>word search: \"love me\")
Phrase link fixed ("kingdom of heaven" not linked to next page)
Paragraph style traditional by default
Made help work for NS, Mozilla and Opera