Development on this script has ended. While it is still used by many sites, it became apparent that rather than a stand-alone script, what was needed was a basic data source for programmers to develop their own scripts around. We are now working on that at and Our goal is to eventually develop XML data files that will contain extensively marked-up texts as well as lexicons and other Bible aids. Since all the work is done by one developer, in his free time, the project will take a long time. You can still download this script, but since the coding is over 10 years old, bugs, flaws and security holes will be inevitable.

  Due to requests by users, howver, we have opted to leave this site active so those who are used to using it can still benefit from it's functions. is provided free of charge and is used on numerous ministry and church web sites across the internet. Please consider helping our effort to equip Christian websites with the tools to minister to others.

Please enjoy our new front-end design.

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